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If you are looking for resources on how to find college grants and scholarships then you are in the right place. We have heard a lot of people and read a lot of literature that said that there is plenty of financial aid out there for college and other projects. After doing a lot of research, we find that there are a lot of grants and scholarships "out there" but many of them have very narrow, limiting, eligibility requirements. The key is to connect the right people with the right scholarships that have the right eligibility requirements.  For many people, it will not be easy searching for college grants and scholarships. However, there are resources that help make the search and application process EASIER. Grants, Scholarships, and MORE hopes to list the resources that will help make the process of searching for grants, scholarships, and more, EASIER.

Financial Aid Basics: general introduction to grants, scholarships, and loans.

College Grants and Scholarships Listed on the World Wide Web.

College Grants and Scholarships Listed in Books.

How to Apply for College Grants and Scholarships.

Government and Federal Grants for Projects OTHER than College Scholarships such as: starting a business, community improvements, and much MORE.

The MORE part of Grants, Scholarships, and MORE:

Originally, this website's main goal was to list the resources that are available to help lead people to college grants and scholarships. After some time, we received requests to list resources that would help people and organizations find funding for all kinds of projects. Still later, we were asked to research all kinds of information related to education and some subjects not related to education. In response to the requests for information, we created a separate section on this website and we call it simply "MORE", which is the "MORE" part of the title Grants, Scholarships, and MORE. For information on some of the following topics and more, please go to the MORE web page.

Jobs Page.

Research Paper Information.

Statistics on a variety of subjects.

Textbooks: how to find cheap textbooks. Used textbooks? Rent textbooks?