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Writing a paper or presenting a speech can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. We know. We have been there and done that. It can really blow your mind if you have never written a college paper before. There are all kinds of new terminology that you may never have heard before, such as: outlines, thesis statement, conclusion, informative paper, argumentative paper or speech, persuasive paper or speech, APA, MLA, citations, and much more.

Writing a paper or presenting a speech may not be easy, BUT there are resources that can help make the process EASIER. This web page and website is all about helping students achieve their degree so that they can achieve their life goals. It seems like writing papers, and giving some type of speech or presentation are a natural part of college life. This web page attempts to help make writing a paper, or presenting a speech, EASIER by providing you with information and resources on some popular subjects that many students choose for their topic for a paper (essay) or speech.

We know that many teachers want their students to find scholarly, credible sources such as journal articles that support the paper, essay, or speech. The purpose of this research guide is to do the research and present you with enough "scholarly" material for you to write a decent research paper (essay), or give a speech. We feel that we have achieved that purpose.

SLOWLY, we will be adding more topics. We choose these topics because of student demand for some of the following topics.


Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

The information provided on this web page is intended to help students write an informative research paper / report / essay on the topic of concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE.  Although the health risks of repeated concussions have been mentioned for decades, it is only recently that a lot of media attention has concentrated on the topic of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). However, football players are not the only people who need to worry about concussions. This web page provides a possible introductory paragraph with thesis statement, outline, and a list of resources such as books, journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and websites. Please NOTE that the sources are listed according to the MLA Handbook 2016 EIGHTH EDITION.


Cyber Bullying Research Information

Bullying and cyber bullying are popular topics for research papers and speeches. The Cyber Bullying Research Information Web Page will provide information and statistics to help support an informative report or persuasive / argumentative paper. Some people believe that cyber bullying should be a crime and handled by the court system while others feel that education is the way to go to stop cyber bullying. Click on the Cyber Bullying Research Information link and you will be presented with a summary, thesis statement, outline, and list of books, journal articles, magazine articles, and websites that will provide information to help support your research paper, essay, or speech about cyber bullying. Please NOTE that the sources are listed according to the MLA Handbook 2016 EIGHTH EDITION.


Homeschooling: The Pros and Cons

When doing the research for a research paper, essay, or speech, it does not take long to see that homeschooling is a concept that has been around for centuries throughout the world. It is not a new idea. It is not a new idea in the history of the United States and it is not a new idea in most countries. History shows us that many people have not been able to access a "public" education. However, what IS new is the relatively recent explosion in the number of parents willing to home school their children in the U.S. Over the past few decades more and more students are being homeschooled. There are plenty of books, magazine articles, journal articles, newspaper articles, and research studies on homeschooling, private schools, and public schools. Along with all of this information comes plenty of opinions and controversy. There are a few basic questions that many people ask about home schools, but the MAIN question is "Do homeschooled students do just as well academically as students educated in a public school system?" "Is homeschooling as good of education system as the public school system?" The following information on this web page is a summary of a number of pros and cons of homeschooling. In a way, the literature will provide some information about the pros and cons of public schools, as well. Please NOTE that the sources are listed according to the MLA Handbook 2016 EIGHTH EDITION.



Research has become a valued part of many nursing school programs with nursing students needing to present a variety of presentations and research papers on a variety of topics. Another somewhat recent development is more demand on students to find a special type of credible information called evidence-based practice. There are different levels of evidence-based practice information. A variety of sources are listed on the "Nursing Topics" web page to help Nursing and Allied Health students find credible peer-reviewed journal articles, including articles based on evidence-based practice. It seems that a majority of Nursing and Allied Health classes ask the students to cite according the APA Manual SIXTH EDITION, so the sources listed at the Nursing Topics web pages will be presented according to the the American Psychological Association Manual. (Work in Progress)


School Uniforms: The Pros and the Cons

Historically, the concept of school uniforms is familiar to many European schools and private schools within the United States. However, much more attention to the controversy over school uniforms arose when a significant movement began in the 1980's to introduce dress codes within public schools in the United States. Both sides have valid arguments. School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons presents summaries, thesis statements, outlines, and list of resources such as books, journal articles, magazine articles, and websites to help support whichever side that you take for a persuasive (argumentative) research paper, essay, or speech. Please NOTE that the sources are listed according to the MLA Handbook 2016 EIGHTH EDITION.

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