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At one time, college or an education beyond high school was an option (luxury). Nowadays, it seems like it is a necessity. We hope that this website will help any student or job seeker. However, the content, language, resources, and philosophy of this website are intended to help those people who have no clue on what college is all about and never intended to attend college, but now, find that they have to obtain some type of degree / certificate in order to find a job. This site has been created to help people obtain a college (or some type of postsecondary educational) degree and then do the next natural thing with that degree and that is to get a good career/job. We hope that this library of resources covers the basics of taking some of the mystery out of what the college or trade school experience is all about. We know that the entire process involved in obtaining a degree is not easy, but we hope that the information on this site helps make some aspects of obtaining an education and a career, EASIER.

College Basics 101

Career Basics: How to choose a career / occupation

Financial Aid Basics

Colleges and Schools: Finding a school that offers your choice of career (major)

Financial Aid: Sources that help you find Grants and Scholarships

How to Apply for a College Grant or Scholarship (Advice on the Application Process)

Online Classes and Colleges: The Pros and the Cons

Reference Desk: Answers to All Kinds of Popular Questions

Research Papers, Essays, Speeches, Topics and MORE (How to Find Information)

Textbooks: Is there a less expensive way like purchasing cheap used college textbooks? Renting textbooks?

Trade (Vocational) Schools


Home Reference Desk Research Papers Grants and Scholarships Page About Us Contact Us